Silhouette soft thread lifts is a highly effective solution for midface, jaw line, eyebrow and neck sagging.

  • An immediate repositioning of the tissues and long-lasting reshaping of the face and neck contours. 1-2 years

  • A regenerative effect for gradual and natural results

  • A minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime and recovery. I do suggest a week down time to recover with this procedure. You will feel fatigued as your face heals.

  • Procedure performed under local anaesthesia in clinic.

  • These threads have small cones which anchor into the skin to aid lifting of tissue and ongoing support to skin tissue.

  • Treatment performed by our cosmetic Doctor



PDO threads are smaller threads in various lengths which are placed superficially under the skin to give an immediate repositioning of skin tissue and stimulate a gradual regeneration of type I and II collagen. Results appear immediate and are visible for up to 12 months. 

Threads are dissolvable consisting of poly-L-Lactic (PLLA) a substance that is naturally broken down by the body over time.

  • No down time.

  • Immediate results

  • Ongoing results as the threads break down, type I and II collagen is produced. Best results seen at 3 months.

  • Great for areas in the face where you don’t want volume but need fine lines treated.

  • Great for areas that are pleating.

  • Great for sagging skin around knee’s, elbows etc

  • Face is numbed with topical anaesthetic and patient is comfortable.

  • Great for acne scarring to regenerate good skin tissue.

  • Great for skin rejuvenation 

  • Alternative treatment for clients that do not want anti-wrinkle injections or filler

  • Great for Foreheads, crows feet, cheek pleating, peri oral area.