Nurse Jodie Clinic Memberships

Nurse Jodie is introducing subscription memberships!

A membership for building confidence, feeling beautiful and aging gracefully!

Nurse Jodie VIP inner circle memberships entitles you to:

5% off skin care products 

5% off facial/laser services 

And so much more!


Princess Package

The princess package is suitable for the person who loves a little TLC. They may enjoy regular facials, have eyelash extensions, skin needling treatments or massages. 

$200.00 accumulative credit per month for a maximum term of 6 months to spend on treatment or products of choice. 

$50.00 Per Week

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Queen Package

Queen packages are for the person who enjoys the luxury of regular beauty treatments.


This works out to be $400.00 a month of credit for a maximum term of 6 months to spend on any treatments or products of choice. 

$100.00 Per Week

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Ultimate Glamour Package

For the person who wants it all. The ultimate package to have you looking your very best.


This works out to be $600.00 a month for a maximum term of 6 months to spend on any treatment of products of choice. 

$150.00 Per Week

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DIY Package 

For the person who doesn’t fit the mould and desires to create her own VIP package. This person works out her spend and creates her own package.


Choose any amount and use the credits as you wish.

This package does not include any discounts. 

Less than $50.00 Per Week

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Welcome to Nurse Jodie VIP membership 


Become a member and get exclusive access to savings. Enjoy perks like priority access to appointment times, events, special offers, product sampling

and new releases! 


How does it work?

Sign up to Payleadr and fill in the membership plan. 

Your bank account will be debited weekly, fortnightly or monthly to the amount of your choice! The dollar amount will then be added as a pre-payment towards your treatment. It will sit in your patient file as credit for you to use. 


When you come in for treatments or need to replace products, every penny you put into your membership is yours to use or gift in any way you want. If you want treatment that is over what you have in credit, we will apply the credit value and all you need to do is pay the difference while still receiving your VIP membership benefits!!

Do your credits expire? 

Credit can not be accumulated for more than six months


Do I still get my discount when you run a special or after package pricing? 

Yes, as a member you will always receive the most value, we will add your discount on top of all sales specials of package pricing. 


What can I use my credits for? 

You can use them for any beauty service, cosmetic injectable, or skin care products. 


Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes, memberships can be cancelled at any time. 


Can I get a refund of credits?

No, credits can be used to purchase product or transfer to gift vouchers for presents etc. 

Payleadr fees 

One off sign up fee of $6.60

Missed payments/insufficient funds incur off fee of $6.60 

1.8% surcharge charged weekly.